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Because theres so much at stake, the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) oversee the licencing of contractors who engage in work installing termite management systems in Queensland.Finding out what termite protection is in place in your homeThe BCA makes it a simple exercise to find out what termite protection is in place at your property.



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These are known as management notices. Commonly, youll often find one inside your electric meter box.Termite Management Notices outline the nature and extent of termite protection measures in place around your premises. They also contain important information that identifies the product used if a chemical-based termite protection has been applied. You can then check the manufacturers specifications for information concerning how long theyre likely to become effective.Who can take out regular inspections of your termite protection measuresThe Queensland Building and Construction Commission regulates who can execute inspection of termite protections.

They must maintain an appropriate Termite Management Licence and up-to-date professional liability insurance.Its highly recommended that you engage a qualified person to carry out an inspection annually to ensure that your termite management system is performing at its best.Termite protection Why once shielded DOESNT mean consistently protectedSo, youve had the appropriate termite protection installed in your new home.



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Even the very best termite protection system can fail. Why:Poor installation of termite barriersYour termite protection system will fail if its not installed in accordance with Australian standards. It can also fail if inferior substances or chemicals are used. Should you own a newly-built residence, the real danger lies with the fact that you wont be expecting a termite problem for many years.



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For instance, renovation and extension works can disrupt both physical and chemical termite barriers. Even comparatively low-key activities such as installing garden beds, a driveway, paths or landscaping possess the potential to threaten your existing termite management system. Other dangers to your own existing protection include dirt movement, compaction, subsidence, flooding and tree roots encroaching on your property.

That can impact on the effectiveness and longevity of these termite protection methods installed in and around your new home.Neglecting regular maintenanceSecond, most termite protections are not set and forget, They require routine maintenance and inspection. Chemical-based termite protection such as soil check treatments need periodic re-application. Its important to see and understand the termite management system notice and familiarize yourself with all the manufacturers specifications of this product used.

Failing to do this may void website here your insurance and render your contractors warranties worthless. A thorough, expert pest inspection with a professional and licensed pest inspector is the only means to discover a termite problem or an issue with your termite protection or pest control management system. When you think about the fact that its common for termite damage to cost tens of thousands of dollars to fix, preventions certainly the preferable option.Worried your termite visit this site right here protections not up to standard Click here to book a termite inspection, or call us in Pegasus Environmental now on -LRB-07-RRB- 5522 0089.



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BUILDING OWNERS who find signs of termite activity inside a building have many options for professional protection against continued termite infestation and timber damage in the building.

Initial Inspection & Report to A.S.3660 - a thorough inspection of buildings and surrounds - detailed written report to Australian Standard 3660 re areas inspected - evidence found of termite activity - high risk termite entry places inaccessible to inspection - termite control options and limitations.

Termite Baiting - installation - monitoring of termite bait stations - Nemesis - Exterra - Sentricon termite baits - this technique is based heavily on the termites"finding"

And consuming sufficient bait - recommended in some limited circumstances, especially in locations where live termite activity is present.



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Building Modification & Maintenance - risk reduction measures - may include improving subfloor ventilation - elimination of timber in contact with the soil - improving inspection accessibility places.

At 3 to 6 months intervals where signs of termite activity has been formerly located close by vulnerable buildings or timber structures.

Inspection of the buildings and surrounds - a written inspection report and detailed specifications to A.S.3660 for

The inspection includes timbers within the crawl space in the sub-floor - roof emptiness - interior - outside region - garden landscaping - fences - wood structures - trees in the locality.



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The expense of a professional Termite Inspection Report into A.S.3660 is approximately $200 to $300 - moderate size residential building, depending upon design of construction and ease of inspection access.

Home insurance does NOT cover damage - several pest control companies take professional indemnity insurance cover for whole dirt barrier treatments to AS3660 - practicable in vast majority of building types and construction.

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